“We would like to thank NRS for their outstanding service managing our property. It was rented quickly with no fuss or hassle. We feel completely confident with NRS and appreciate their outstanding, friendly, personal and experienced work ethic. We have nothing but praise.”


“Great job on renting out our house so quickly, we really appreciate the amazing efforts NRS has put into our investment.”

Dyalan and Ani

"I had the pleasure of dealing with Sam Hodge when I went to look at some Rental Properties that were being let by National Rental Solutions. She was cheerful, pleasant, well presented & professional. We were given enough space to look around the properties & discuss amongst ourselves what we thought, while also being accessible enough to answer any questions or queries that we had. We are now renting with NRS & Sam (who is also our property manager) and was very helpful in placing us in the house we liked & applied for. She has been very easy to deal with & more than happy answering any issues we have had. Would not hesitate at all recommending Sam Hodge & National Rental Solutions to anyone looking at renting on the Sunshine Coast."

Kevin Higgins

“Ainsley, I would like to thank you for being a fantastic and professional Property Manager and will definitely look for other properties that you manage.“

C. Parkes

“Since becoming a client of National Rental Solutions I have not had any concerns arise as my rent has been paid to me on time, my inspections have always come up well and the tenancy transitions are never complicated. All in all, I couldn’t ask for a better team to manage my investment property.”


"So, we have 2 rental properties, which are currently tenanted. I just wanted to let you know, from a tenant point of view, you are extremely good at what you do. In addition, as landlords ourselves, if you looked after our tenants like you did with us yesterday, it would make my day. It's landlords like yourself, doing the little things/going the extra mile to make the house more comfortable/safe for tenants that keep tenants in lease agreements."


“Thank you NRS for your impeccable customer service. Your consistent communication and caring attitude have been a welcoming change to what we have experienced with other agencies. Again I thank you and hope to deal with you in the future.”


“We have found NRS to be professional, courteous, honest & assertive when dealing with our tenants, which is what everyone wants from their Property Managers. All jobs and tasks required are carried out efficiently and effectively with no hesitation. Their consistent communication with ourselves and our tenants ensure there are no misunderstandings.”


“National Rental Solutions are very skilled at balancing my commercial needs and the needs of my tenants by treating my property as if it were their own. Whether it’s ensuring the quality of the tenants, overseeing the property is consistently maintained to a high standard or managing the entry and exit of tenants. I have every intention of remaining a loyal customer and am very happy to recommend the Property Management Services of NRS to any prospective client.”


“Thank you very much for looking after my property very well. I trust the National Rental Solutions team!”


"Dealing with Sam has been a wonderful experience during our tenancy. Sam always ensures that we are up to date with news and also strives to make us happy as tenants. Sam is very proactive, and is very easy to communicate with. She has demonstrated a high level of professionalism towards us as tenants. Renting through NRS has been a great experience and we are very thankful to have a wonderful property manager."

Melissa Billington

“Wow, you really do get what you pay for. I had my three properties with other agents and was getting what I thought was a pretty good deal with a discount rate on fees. I always seemed to have problems though. I thought the rent was okay and it was normal to have a few vacancies here and there. I’m so glad that I made the change to NRS! Now I have had almost zero vacancy over the past 18months and my rent price is up by nearly 5%. Thanks NRS I am happy to refer you to anyone!!”


“I would like to comment on how impressed we are to date with your communication and commitment to making this a success. Your flexibility in providing other options astounds me. Your way of working and operations are proving to be a strong foundation for a successful and lasting future partnership. I look forward to what the next brings.”

Jodie E

“I really want to commend the professionalism of National Rental Solutions. Just excellent and a dream to work with!”

Lyn & Scott