Tips for New Tenants

Thank you for choosing National Rental Solutions as your rental agents.

We would like to welcome you to your new home.

The following information is provided for your assistance. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Property Management Department or any one of the friendly office team. Please read the information contained in this form carefully, as you need to know what we expect from you.



  • Annual Gas Facility Service Fee
  • Water Consumption
  • All utilities, gas, electricity phone, internet, NBN connections etc
  • Removal of green waste



  • Do not place pot plants on any surface unless they have a suitable saucer.
  • Your carpets MUST be professionally clean when you vacate the premises (we require a copy of the receipt upon vacate).
  • Do not place mattresses/beds directly onto carpets or against walls.



  • Replacement of light bulbs, tubes and starters.
  • Changing Smoke Detector Batteries and check working order at least once per year, we recommend twice a year.
  • To keep property free from pests and vermin.
  • Gardens and grounds (unless otherwise stated in your Lease Agreement)
  • Always check the trip switch in the meter box if electrical items such as stove, hot water systems etc. don’t operate.
  • The release valve on the hot water system should be released every 3 months.
  • Regular cleaning of intake vents/filters on heaters, air-conditioners and dishwashers, exhaust fans in bathrooms and filter in the range hood over the stove top.
  • Regular cleaning of grout and silicone around sinks, showers and baths to ensure they remain mould free.



Tenants are responsible for checking and replacing batteries in all smoke detectors every 12 months. If the smoke detector does not work after a new battery is replaced and installed correctly, the tenant must contact their property manager immediately.



If you have a swimming pool or spa, it is your responsibility to supply the chemicals to keep the pool in a useable hygienic state, and to keep the pool vacuumed and the skimmer boxes cleared (unless stated on your tenancy agreement).



Interim inspections will be carried out every 3 months. You will be contacted by email & mail with the scheduled inspection time.



One of the conditions of being granted this tenancy was based on your current earnings and employment. If this changes, please let us know, and notify us of your new work phone number.



Throughout the tenancy, please always ensure you use a drip tray under your car to avoid the driveway or garage floor becoming damaged from grease and oil stains that are almost impossible to remove.



You may make copies of any of the keys supplied, however these must be all returned at the end of the tenancy. If you would like different locks on your property, this will be your responsibility. However, if they are not working, we will have them fixed. If you change any of the locks you must supply us with a copy of the new key. At the end of your tenancy, all keys must be returned on time or extra rent will be charged.

If you lock yourself out of your property during business hours, please come to our office and a spare key can be borrowed, but must be returned by close of day’s business. If you lock yourself out After Business Hours it is your responsibility to contact a Locksmith to gain access at your cost. We suggest you leave a spare key with a family member or friend just in case.



Subletting without the landlord’s written consent is in breach of the Residential Tenancies Act. Should you wish for someone to reside with you, they must fill out an application form, and be approved by your Landlord, PRIOR TO THEM MOVING IN.




The Residential Tenancies Act 1997 is explicit about how a tenancy ends. It can only occur when one of the parties to the Tenancy Agreement gives notice to the other party. Notice to Leave – Form 12 or ‘Notice Of Intention to Leave’ Form 13. These forms are available from our office or from the RTA website. Should you wish to vacate during the term of the agreement, you will be breaking the contract you have entered into and therefore, responsible for reimbursing the Landlord for any loss suffered:

  • Rent until the property is re-let
  • Equivalent of One weeks rent plus GST, as Re-Letting Fee
  • Maintenance of gardens, lawns etc as per your Tenancy Agreement until the property is re-let


At the time of filling out this form, you will also receive a Final Cleaning Checklist to assist you with your final clean. Please complete each step to ensure the return of your bond in full.



Bonds can only be returned once possession has been handed back (ie keys returned), rent paid in full to vacate date and a final inspection has been carried out to the satisfaction of the Property Manager. Should there be items missed, or it is not to the satisfaction of the Property Manager, we will contact you first to give you the opportunity to rectify. If you are unable to attend or would prefer, we can arrange for the appropriate maintenance company to attend to the outstanding matters on your behalf.

Upon the satisfactory completion of your tenancy, a Bond Claim Form will be made available to you for your signature. This form also requires your forwarding address and bank account details in which you would like the Bond deposited. We will then forward same to the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority to enable the refund of your bond.